Frequently asked questions

Q: I want to book an Inari Aurora Tour for me and my husband on [DATE]. I see that these dates are not included on your website. Can you make an exception?

A: Unfortunately, I am only physically present in Inari and Kaamanen during the dates that are mentioned on my website. I am sure that you understand that I cannot travel all the way there for just 1 night of Aurora hunting.

Q: I don’t have a camera. Can I still join the tour?

A: Of course! Everyone is welcome to join the tour. During the tour, I will take photos of you under the Northern Lights, so you will always have a memory of your time under the Lapland sky. I will send you the photos by email after the tour.

Q: Do you guarantee to see the Northern Lights? Will they look like on the pictures?

A: No. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and nobody can predict their appearance or strength. Sometimes, we might get lucky with an exceptionally bright display. Be aware that the bright pictures that you usually see come from those displays, and are often overly edited. The photo below is closer to reality. It does not mean that it is less spectacular to see with your naked eye! If the Aurora appears, even in such a dimmer way, you will see it move and dance and swirl a little bit, and that is always truly fascinating, even to an experienced chaser like me! Because of this, I don’t offer any refund if we are unlucky not to see the Northern Lights.

Faint aurora almost as seen "in real life"
Sometimes, this is all what we can see on an Inari Aurora Tour. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and we cannot predict their strength.

Q: The weather is bad. Do we still go on the tour?

A: There are 2 scenarios here. If the weather is bad in the Inari/Kaamanen villages, it is possible that the situation is much better elsewhere. In this case, of course, we proceed with the tour (this is why we have a tour after all!). But sometimes it can happen that the weather forecast appears to be bad for the entire area. If I estimate that there are no chances to find clear sky, I will inform you and cancel the tour.

Q: When will I know what the planning is?

A: I will take your booking whenever you contact me, and confirm availability. Once confirmed, be reassured that it means that if the tour proceeds, there is a spot for you! On the day that you booked, I will contact you with my thoughts on departure time and weather conditions. Sometimes, the weather forecast is all over the place, and we will only take the decision to leave or not very late in the afternoon. I never start a tour if I estimate that the chances are too small!

Q: We are a couple and our hotel is in Saariselkä or Ivalo. Can you pick us up there?

A: The distances in Lapland may not look very long on a map, but they do take quite some time to travel. Saariselkä (and Ivalo) are located at more than an hour drive from where I am based. This is the reason why I only accept groups of 6 people to depart from these locations.

Q: What about Utsjoki? Do you operate from there?

A: As much as my Aurora chases often bring me to Utsjoki, I do not pick up customers from there. Please contact Tiina from Aurora Holidays for this. They have an amazing team of passionate guides, and I guarantee that you will have a great chase with them!

Q: We are visiting Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi, can you pick us up there?

A: Rovaniemi is about 400 km from my location, so unfortunately, I can’t pick you up there. Contact my friend Alex, also editor in chief of All About Lapland, for an incredible experience. Alex always gives 200% to the chase!

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