A foggy winter day on the Kaunispää fell

As landscape photographers, we often prefer impressive sights. Those usually happen around sunrise or sunset, with clouds at the right place, sun at the right angle, and bright hues of orange, red and/or pink all around. But landscape photography in the fog is also possible and actually quite exciting. I tried a minimalistic approach there on the Kaunispää fell in Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland, to make the best of this day.

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Nightless night photography workshop

I attended to the "Nightless night photography workshop" that was organised by the Inari-Saariselkä tourism board in July. You see, the sun does not set for nearly 3 months in summer in the north of Finland. It literally stays above the horizon all this time, day and night. This is the definition of the Midnight Sun. So it is easy to understand why the event is called "Nightless night photography…

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