Stories about Northern Lights Chasing. Most of them happened during an Aurora tour in Inari and Kaamanen in the very north of Finnish Lapland. Sometimes we have to cross the border to Porsanger or Kirkenes in Norway, our very welcoming neighbour.

As an experienced Aurora Chaser and a Northern Lights Addict, I will always go to the world’s end to find the beautiful green Aurora Borealis, either alone or with my guests. It helps staying motivated when you know that on a clear night, it is almost guaranteed to find some green colours of the Northern Lights in the sky.

Of course, I would also go Northern Lights Chasing anywhere else in the world, like in Greenland in 2016 for example. You can find me anywhere where there’s a chance for Aurora!

Sleepless night with the Northern Lights in Lapland

When the Aurora does not go to sleep all night long, then what other choice do I have than spending a sleepless night with the northern lights in Lapland? I just came back from my latest trip to Inari in northern Lapland, which was fantastic in terms of Auroras. There were bright displays every day of the week! In this blog post, I focus on one particular night, when I…

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