Happy 100th anniversary & thank you Finland!

On 6 December 1917 Finland declared its independence from Russia. This marked the birth of the Republic of Finland as we know it today. The 100th anniversary of the declaration of independence on 6 December 2017 was widely celebrated in Finland and even throughout the world. Because Finland has been giving me so much in my photography journey during the past few years, I decided to write this blog post to say: happy birthday Finland!

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Foggy evening in the Netherlands (Ooijpolder)

Because there is more in life than just Aurora Borealis and Lapland (although I wish that wasn't true!), I decided to grab my gear here at home on a particularly moody foggy evening in the Netherlands. About an hour before sunset, I could see really nice photo opportunities just looking out the windows of my city centre apartment in Nijmegen. So I quickly looked on the TPE app where the…

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Photography tips in the Ooijpolder

I live in Nijmegen, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. We are blessed there by large nature areas surrounding the city. One of them is called the Ooijpolder. How do you find photographic inspiration there in the Ooijpolder, near home, when your favourite type of photography is northern lights and Arctic landscapes? At first, I felt quite uninspired with the flatness of the landscapes here, but I decided to…

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