Foggy evening in the Netherlands (Ooijpolder)

Because there is more in life than just Aurora Borealis and Lapland (although I wish that wasn’t true!), I decided to grab my gear here at home on a particularly moody foggy evening in the Netherlands.

About an hour before sunset, I could see really nice photo opportunities just looking out the windows of my city centre apartment in Nijmegen. So I quickly looked on the TPE app where the sun would set. I grabbed my gear, and drove to the lake, hoping for some orange sunset above mist banks. This is the advantage of Nijmegen. There is a really nice nature area just outside of town: the Ooijpolder. There are many swamps and lakes there, and you can often encounter birds.

Problem: in the city centre, fog does not develop as much as in the humid countryside with lakes and a river. As soon as I drove out of town, the world turned grey, and I couldn’t see more than 50 meters ahead of me.

foggy evening netherlands
Geese getting ready for winter

At first, I got really disappointed and almost drove home. However, I remembered my friend Dave Brosha saying once that not all photos are made during exceptional sunrises or sunsets. So I stayed and decided to try and prove him right.

foggy evening netherlands
I loved the mysterious mood of this scene

I walked around the lake, looking for interesting shapes in the ever moving fog banks, a boat here, a bird there, a flock of geese above me.

foggy evening netherlands
Great egret looking for a meal

In the end, I love those shots. I totally went out of my comfort zone, and I think that it really worked. They may not work well on social media compared to northern lights photos. However, I am really proud of achieving this different type of work, and this, not further than my backyard.

foggy evening netherlands great egret
Great egret flying away

So if you lack motivation, just follow this advice indeed. Try new things, get out of your comfort zone, explore. You will surely be satisfied. Did you recently get out of your comfort zone? Let us know in the comments below.


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