The winter landscapes in Lapland are fascinating, with ever changing light, snow covered trees like nowhere else in the world, and frozen lakes as far as the eye can see

I started my landscape photography career there in winter in the north of Finnish Lapland. In December, the sun does not rise at all, providing a short few hours of fantastic light, usually in soft pastel tones: this is the polar night. Further in the winter, in February throughout April, the sun gets brighter but still remains quite low in the sky, another dream for photographers with long shadows and beautiful snowy landscapes.

Come on a husky sled trip, travel with me to the wilderness of the forest to meet the reindeer, climb on a fell for amazing views…

This gallery presents my best Lapland winter pictures: a true winter wonderland! I took all these photos in the Inari and Utsjoki municipalities. This includes places like Ivalo, Kaamanen, Saariselkä, Karigasniemi or Nuorgam.

You can enjoy the photos below, and if you want to see more, I invite you to visit my Lapland winter stock galleries!

If you did not find what you want here or in the stock galleries, I am available to travel on location for you with your production brief. Don’t hesitate to contact me or by filling the form below.

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