Here are my favourite Northern Lights photos. The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are a natural phenomenon that frequently occurs in the Arctic regions. I have been blessed by witnessing and photographing them in Finnish Lapland, Norway, Svalbard and even Greenland.

I am passionate about finding the northern lights whenever I travel to the far north. When not travelling alone, I lead aurora chasing tours and photography workshops in Finland, giving me ample opportunity to find and photograph the Aurora.

I have stopped counting the number of nights that I spent chasing the northern lights. However, I can say with confidence that there has only been a handful of nights during which I have not found the Aurora, either for too bad weather conditions, or simply because on extremely rare occasions, nothing happened despite clear skies. You see, when you travel to the right location, aka under the “aurora oval”, you are almost guaranteed to see a display on a clear night. It may happen (long) after midnight, so only the most motivated get the reward!

For almost any type of Aurora picture, I’ve got your back here. With or without moon. Along the road. In the forest. Above a frozen lake. Above an open lake with reflections. With a person (usually me) on the photo, or just pure nature. Quiet displays or big outbursts. I also have photos of northern lights above Greenlandic glaciers and icebergs, or in Norwegian fjords.

This is my portfolio with my favourite Northern Lights photos. I have 250+ northern lights images available in my stock galleries if you don’t find here what you need! They are all available for licensing. I also work on commission so don’t hesitate to contact me with any request that you may have.

If you did not find what you want here or in the stock galleries, I am available to travel on location for you with your production brief. Don’t hesitate to contact me or by filling the form below.

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