Our Aurora Borealis tour guide, Rayann, is so passionate about seeing and photographing the lights that he comes to Lapland a few times a year to photograph them. So he is a great guide to go with as he knows a lot about the lights and Finnish history and folklore, as well as reading the weather and knowing contacts to call to find out good spots. He got some awesome photos of us and the lights. We also saw another light phenomenon that is more rare than seeing the Aurora Borealis! The moisture in the air formed specially shaped crystals that, apart from making it look like it was raining glitter, made another kind of light phenomenon happen which was pretty amazing as well. Rayann explained all this to us as well.

    Renee Lider Verde Avatar Renee Lider Verde
    January 15, 2018

    Une belle rencontre avec rayann continuez à nous faire rêver

    Nel Morin Avatar Nel Morin
    January 15, 2018

    Trés beau cliché mais malheureusement pas de bonnes nouvelles pour la planète l ' humain est responsable de tout cela

    Jocelyne Dubost Avatar Jocelyne Dubost
    August 3, 2018

    Rayann came to pick us up at our cabin. We were the only couple this evening, which I really liked (I think Rayann never has large groups, just a few people at the same time). It was immediately clear that he didn't do this aurora tour just for the money, as he was just as excited to see the Northern Lights as we were. We drove to three different - and photogenic - places without light pollution where we could see the light. He helped us with our camera settings so that we could shoot the perfect picture and he made some photographs of us as well. He even lend me his lens as mine was all frozen when we arrived at the third spot. After a couple of hours, he made us warm berryjuice and had some cookies to recharge again. It was a great experience and we would definitely recommend Rayann to anyone looking for a Aurora Experience in Inari.

    Laura van Zutphen Avatar Laura van Zutphen
    January 26, 2018

    If you want to see aurora, Rayann is the aurora chaser you need.. He's an experimented organizer and he makes everything to reach your goal: See an aurora

    Thierry Paris Avatar Thierry Paris
    March 28, 2017

    It was fantastic to meet Rayann. He is very knowledgable and passionate about Finland and Aurora. We learnt a lot of new things on camera settings and the northern lights. We were driving around hunting for the best spots which he knows like his backyard. It was an awesome night seeing Aurora for couple of hours on and off. Thanks for the warm juice during the cold night. Lets keep in touch. Cheers Sue and Steve.

    Steve Kasch Avatar Steve Kasch
    January 21, 2018