My top 6 aurora pictures of winter 2016

The Aurora season in the north is coming to an end, so I thought it is time for this post of my “top 6 aurora pictures of winter 2016” with a little story for each of them. I would normally have liked to make a “top 10” but unfortunately I fell quite ill in the middle of the season, and missed quite a lot of amazing shows. All these pictures are taken in the Inari region, in Northern Finnish Lapland.

1. Alone in the forest

This was my very last night in Lapland around the Inari region. I knew that some strong aurora were possible that night but the weather forecast was not so positive and announcing mostly clouded skies in a radius of a couple of hundred kilometers around me. I had do find some clear skies, as I could not just leave the north after spending my last night in the cabin! I had seen that there were small clearing chances even further north and I drove in the direction of Utsjoki. After just about 20 km, I found clear skies! It did not last long so I drove further north, maybe some 50 km more. There again, I found clear skies, but again it covered up quite quickly. Finally, thanks to my knowledge of the region (and a bit of luck too!), I decided to drive back a few kilometers south, and there was a permanent totally clear sky! I walked from the road deep in the forest, set up the tripod, and here I am on this wonderful selfie.

2. Zig-zagging in the sky

This photo was actually taken just a few minutes before number 1. I had never ever seen aurora making such shapes in the sky. I remember that was the night following David Bowie’s death, and I had a thought that it was his genius and creativity saying goodbye from the sky.

3. Send me an angel

What can I say, I am really glad that I found clear skies on this last night! It was the best display of my entire stay in January. Who remembers the 80’s song “Send me an angel”?

4. My little cabin

This is the cabin that I stayed at during my stay. This is was I consider “real Lapland”. Cosy, isolated and cold. I think that the temperature was about -40°C/°F this day, but don’t worry, it was quite warm inside. By the way, my friends Reijo and Anna are renting it on Airbnb, and they are amazing hosts, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you’re planning to visit the north!

5. Craziness above Lake Inari

There is a small hill just outside of the village Inari, with a great view on the lake of the same name as well as, very often, the northern lights. I was guiding guests from Japan that night, and they really enjoyed the view!

6. Sometimes it can be red

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As the title says, sometimes there is red in the aurora. This comes from the oxygen atoms in the upper atmosphere more than 200 km above the earth.

Top 6 aurora pictures of winter 2016

That’s it for my top 6 aurora pictures of winter 2016! That winter has been amazing for me to try new settings and write my guide for the Northern Lights Photography Tutorial. Check it out! Also, you are very welcome to my Aurora tour in Northern Lapland that I give every winter.

Have you ever seen the aurora? Or do you plan to travel north for such a show? Let us know in the comments below!

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