French Award-Winning Photographer

Landscape, Nature and Arctic Photography in Finland, Greenland, Norway and Svalbard

Aurora Chasing Tours and Photography Workshops in Inari (Lapland), both in French and English.
I am based in the Netherlands but work all over the world.

Polar Night and Aurora Photography Workshop

Utsjoki | 6-12 January 2019

€ 2650 per person

Northern Lights Aurora chasing tour in Inari or Kaamanen in Finnish Lapland

Is seeing the Northern Lights on your bucket list? If you visit Finnish Lapland, and more specifically Inari or Kaamanen, find me there and book your tour with me to chase the Aurora!I will explain the myths and science behind the Northern Lights, while we drive towards clearer skies in search of the Aurora. And when the Aurora comes out to play, I will even take pictures of you!
Happy Guests under the Northern Lights in Inari in Lapland

Comprehensive guide of Northern Lights Photography Settings

I give you all my best settings to take photos of the Aurora Borealis: white balance, exposure, ISO, etc. For every situation and strength of the Northern Lights, there are different settings. I share all the combinations that I have learnt in the past 7 years of shooting the Northern Lights!

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