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I am based in Utsjoki in northernmost Finnish Lapland and work all over the world.


Polar Night and Aurora - Utsjoki (Lapland) - January 2022

Join us in January 2021 for this Northern Lights and Polar Night photography workshop in Utsjoki, in the very north of Finnish Lapland! We will photograph the winter landscapes in the unique twilight of the polar night, meet reindeer and their herder, and of course attempt to catch the beautiful Aurora Borealis.

Svalbard cruise on MS Polarfront ship

In late September 2019, I participated to a 10 days Svalbard cruise on board the French MS Polarfront ship. In the last days of September we were one of the last ships still cruising the Svalbard waters as the season was about to end.


Northern Lights

Lapland in Winter


Lapland in summer


Moments of Light


I have several hundred Arctic photos available in my stock galleries. They are classified in clear albums like Northern Lights, Winter in Lapland, etc, but also by country or region (Lapland, Greenland, Svalbard, etc).

All the photos include keywords. The search function will help you find anything you are looking for.

You can then either order the photos that you need by choosing a license type, or just contact me for more information. The ordering process is entirely secure (you need to create an account).

Arctic Photographer

I am a French nature photographer, passionate about the Arctic and everything that lies beyond the polar circles. I am based around Utjsoki and Inari in Finnish Lapland, and travel in the polar regions to capture their beauty.
Those fragile environments deserve all our attention to be preserved and protected.
With my photography, workshops and lectures, I aim to do put these regions under the spotlight.
arctic photographer rayann elzein

Contact me

Polar and Arctic photography are my passion. I can provide a vast variety of images, ranging from reindeer and northern lights in Lapland to glaciers and polar bears in Svalbard.

If you cannot find it with the keywords in my stock archive, or for any other request (assignment, workshop, lecture), don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

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